Pausing Long Enough to See


I’ve been listening to reflections on beauty by Irish poet, philosopher and Catholic scholar John O’Donohue.  It feels as though each sentence and thought he shares is one to be relished, held close to my heart and remembered for not only hours, but days.  I’ve only listened to 5 tracks in a 4 cd set and already the mystical dance with my soul has begun.  With a rich Irish dialect, John reminds us that beauty is all around us, and in truth we have lost touch with its gifts of sacredness.


Consider the photos I’ve attached to this prose.  The first is of a vibrant, simply elegant autumn leaf.  Its presence here is stunningly real, stimulating our senses to smell the autumn air, hear the crispness of fallen leaves on the ground, see the perfect geometry of the leaf’s veins, perhaps even taste apple cider on our tongues as we feel the gentle breeze.  The image of this leaf evokes a sense of wonder, of connectedness, of being part of a Universe in which anything is possible, where we are loved, nurtured and always held in the embrace of grace.  Is that not the beauty we all seek?  Is this not the deepest longing of our soul?

Take a moment now to see the same leaf through the photo below.  How easily might we have missed something so wondrous, so awakening?  Going about the events and experiences in our day with our “eyes closed,” we miss the most lovely moments life has to offer us.

Allow yourself the space today to see and feel the beauty around you.  Connect to the miracles always happening in our world.  Open your soul’s ears….and listen….to the whispers of your heart….

Gratitude and Love to Rachel Edgar McIntyre for her beautifully poetic photographs ♥

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