Dear Tiferet Friends,
I need your help. My book is filled with research and took 7 years to write. It has a small publisher. This is my chance to get more visibility and publicity. Please go to this link and vote for my memoir in this contest. Here’s the link:

You will hear me on audio with a description of the book. I would be very very grateful for your support! if you have trouble with the link, go to and you can find me by name. My book is on Amazon with many customer reviews or go to my web site to see my writing. the book’s web site is

I believe my book needs a wider readership because it is all about the new paradigm. I wrote it for the skeptical intellectuals but it has not as yet had exposure to them because of limited distribution. This contest could make a big
difference because it would be reprinted by a larger publisher. Many blessings & Namaste,

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