Poetry Corner – Volume 3


For the inner ear, the voice of the vessel of silence is an embrace
felt by an infinite number of scribes.
It is my wish to offer here an oasis of present day poetic

Each month i shall invite new poets to breathe with, and they in
turn will bring guests of their own.

Poetry Corner at TIFERET has evolved out of Donna Stein’s
enthusiasm to nurture the spirit of beauty in all its forms.

silent lotus

August 2010 Silent Lotus’ Selected

Dick Holmes

and his guest Max Reif

Sadiq Alam

and his guest Naomi Stone



From now on,
I’m going to write
my poems on fallen
sycamore leaves and
toss them from the
peak of Hawksbill Mountain.
I’ll wear only the edible,
including myself.
At sunset, I’ll glide like
a hawk over the misty gorge,
just for the fun of it.


Among the crowd, I
recognize the persona
emerging contexts have been
inclining me toward
and set out with him.
It’s a long journey we go on
through hell and heaven
and back between, though it
takes only an instant
to get to our destination.
Along the way, the ten zillion
things I never really wanted, after all,
reveal their emptiness. This
comes as no surprise
to my sage traveling companion;
it’s what he’s been telling me
for ages. Now here it is, the
unexpected, brilliant elegance.

Born in Kansas in 1949, Dick Holmes has lived elsewhere since
growing up there, but the natural beauty and solitude of its vast
fields and skies have continued to inform his aesthetic
sensibilities. “For me,” he writes, “poetry is a spiritual quest, a
form of language for communing with the Divine Beloved. As such,
composing a poem is more of a listening, truing meditation than a
writing activity. Over the years, my poetry writing practice has
guided me in every aspect of my life, from psychological growth to
spiritual surrender.”
Dick is the author of a large collection of poems entitled Recipes
for Gratitude (Pure Heart Press, www.mainstreetrag.com/DickHolmes.html). He is a
featured poet at AvatarMeherBaba.org (www.avatarmeherbaba.org/erics/dickholmes.html) and at
Poetry-Chaikhana.com (www.poetry-chaikhana.com/H/HolmesDick/index.htm) and
is a regular contributor to the Poetry-Chaikhana.com Forum. For the
past thirty years, Dick and his wife Bronia have been teaching
English to international students at the University of South



This is to you, lady who smiled at me

as I came out of the subway at 14th Street

and walked down 6th Avenue in the winter of ’74,

having just arrived in New York. Gentle feathers

of snow had just begun falling from the black
above the streetlights. Passing you,
I felt myself taken into your
eyes, and suddenly

was no longer a confused young man

wondering whether every next step was the right one,

but a Light-being, love built into his cells, 
leaning forward,
poised to give.

Thirty-five years later

I still walk those tunnels of your eyes,

down the line of your smile,
toward that person you saw in me.

I’m 62 living in California now, still trying “to penetrate
into the essence of all being and significance, and to release the
fragrance of that inner experience for the guidance and benefit of
others by expressing in the world of forms truth, love, purity and
beauty.”(Meher Baba). Very rich time, right now. My website, WHAT
REMAINS IS THE ESSENCE, can be found at http://www.realnothings.com.


Soul-fish swimming in God-Ocean

this soul-fish swims
in the God-Ocean
and keeps wondering:
‘where is this
ancient, nostalgic
thirst of water
coming from?!’

the lover dogs of God
are howling all along
from the time of separation.

remain unseen
the ancient lovers’
ever flowing tears,
since aeon
they’re crying
inside this
vast God-Ocean.

Where is the Center of an Infinite Circle?

stop being ego-centered
and merely selfish.
you are not
the (only) center of the universe.

amidst this ever expanding
Infinite creation
we are in an Infinite Circle.

and know that
every point inside an Infinite Circle
is it’s Center.

Servant and Seeker of Truth, SADIQ ALAM is Editor and Author of
INSPIRATIONS AND CREATIVE THOUGHTS (www.mysticsaint.info), an internationally acclaimed
weblog published since 2005. It covers a wide range of themes
including Integral & Comparative Spirituality, World Faith
Traditions and Mysticism.
Sadiq has a strong interest in Sufi teachings and Eastern religious
/ spiritual traditions. He developed an early interest in
Spirituality which led him into the study of Sufism through the
teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. He took initiation into the Sufi
path in December 2007 by taking hand with Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal
of Jerusalem, a guide in the Shadhili Sufi lineage. Presently Sadiq
lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Dance of Creative Freedom

If I am patient

and let my heart lead,

each word that appears
on the page,

flames out from the sparks
leaping within my heart.

The dance is choreographed

by the winds of love,

like the breeze of the mystics,

or the breath

of the Beloved,

to move in the swaying beauty

of invisibly moving music,

tossing and touching

and playing
with my hair.

Oh how could I name the lover

that leaps from my heart
and surrounds me

with the belovedness of life,

who surprises
me with an embrace

that expands the soul!

My mind has melted into colors
and light

and feelings that slip away

and vanish

if I reach out to touch them.

How do I allow this unknown spirit,

this hovering nearness,

to cradle my being
in a divine fusion

of beauty
that flees from form
and defies description!

Faith in Love has new meaning

as it opens its arms

to my heart.

There is no answer

to the bewildering mystery

that keeps me awake

to greet the dawn,

except to risk everything

and surrender

to the glorious Beloved,

veiled in the mist
of the enveloping cloud

of unknowing.

Naomi Stone is a mystic, poet, educator and writer. She is also
the Literary Editor of the book Rumi: The Alchemy of Transformation
by visionary Artists Rassouli.

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