Poetry Corner – Volume 10


For the inner ear, the voice of the vessel of silence is an embrace
felt by an infinite number of scribes.
It is my wish to offer here an oasis of present day poetic

Each month i shall invite new poets to breathe with, and they in
turn will bring guests of their own.

Poetry Corner at TIFERET has evolved out of Donna Stein’s
enthusiasm to nurture the spirit of beauty in all its forms.

silent lotus

March 2011 Silent Lotus’ Selected

Kevin Jackson

and his guest Shari-Lyn McArthur


and his guest Gabriella Garbo

Kevin Jackson

Back to the war

When all is done
Nightmares seen square
Wounds repealed
Shattered words reformed
And silence overcome

That blasted oak
Still sticks up proud
And young faces
Leave to die again

Silent dancing

More gripes in my stomach
say pill time,

tug dad back
thirty seven years,
bringing hospital fingers stiff
with duty,

Mum’s urgent eyes.

Two fixed bodies.
Him centring a world I was too young to know,
me, seeding a galaxy with origami.

It’s said they’ve seen two black holes dance.

Slow ages chafe
laughter, rose-buds,
summer waves, walks watching ball flip dog,
drawing light that quickens a universe,
till it falters, falls,
dis-remembers, relinquishes, separates,

We two, strangers these numberless years,
pull closer now,
tensed each by each.

Kevin Jackson is a trainer, personal coach and editor.
His poems have been published in journals and online, most recently
in the Tipton Poetry Journal (Fall 2010). He has work upcoming in a
US anthology by Poetry Circle. His poem “Passing by” was
short-listed for the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2010 and
he is published in the recent UK anthology “On the Line”, available
from Amazon. His blog http://kevnjacksn.wordpress.com offers
poetry/reflections on diverse themes.

Shari-Lyn McArthur



My disciples listen
when they should be speaking;
worry when they should be doing.

They buy my water from beside the river
when I ask:
Why is the river muddy?

They dine on my marrow
as I go hungry;
dwell in my house
instead of building;
anoint my feet
with snake oil and then

when my disciples should surpass me–
I am a prophet.

Shari-Lyn McArthur was born in the 1960s, in Victoria, Canada.
A graduate of Carleton University, her formal training is in Human
Factors Engineering. After a time engaged in creating intellectual
property for a corporation in Silicon Valley, she returned to her
Island, where she resides by the sea, surrounded by the stories of
her ancestors. Shari is a co-founder and editor of After Literature, a
collaborative portfolio development site for writers and artists.
Some of her photography can be found at flickr. An
eager proponent of creative collaboration and pro bono endeavours,
Shari can be reached at stiletta@gmail.com

Mar Guerr

At the edge of pasturelands

All I have to do is smoke
and disabuse myself.
Rigor carries all last hurrahs.

I’ll not pay for it
come morning.

I’m to the end of my poke
and I don’t want to be seen

hobbled in withdrawal.

I’ve never seen a u-haul
behind a hearse.


Como puedo saber
Que mañana regresa
Como puedo probar
La miel de tu boca
O tocar tus ojos verdes
Llenos de fantasía
Vacíos de penas
Abiertos como el cielo
Como puedo saber
Que tú querer
Es el árbol de vida
Como puedo saber


How can I know
That tomorrow returns?
How can I taste
Your mouth’s honey,
Or touch your green eyes
Full of fantasy,
Empty of sorrows,
Open like the skies.
How can I know
That your love
Is the tree of life!
How can I know?

While Death Comes To Take Us Home

Our candle flickers
as the seasons descend
their knotted rope.

Flowers smile at first bloom,
life at first breath.
Shorter days compress.

We will gasp when rooster’s call awakens
the napping morning dew.
We will rise without fluidity
and with a little more rigor
surrender to the last
stroke of a freshly cut broom.

José Marcial Guerrero (JoseMarGuerr) was born and raised in
Laredo, Texas. He ended up transplanted to west TN through the
Navy’s relocation program. He is a retired US Navy veteran.
A writer of poetry with a Mexican/ American cultural twist, Jose
has been published in Poetic Voices without Borders One and Two
(Gival Press). He was also published in Ahani: Indigenous American
Poetry, Vol-9, (Fall of 2006) by way of Poetry Enterprises,
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Oregon State

“Perfection can only be achieved
through an open heart.”

Gabriella Garbo

Spirit Guide

“I found eternity nestled in the iris
of a broken man.
His depth of indigo was swathed in stardust,
gleaned from some intangible land.

He was a vagabond of dusty wing
employing sagacious wiles,
and he kicked his heels with gusto,
invoked me with a smile.

He shook a shaggy head
at my dowdy thoughts of destiny,
and swept his hand in a great wide arch
that cleared a road before me.

“No time to seek where you already stand,”
His husky voice proclaimed,
A gruff kiss to send me on my way,
I finally know my name.

Gabriella Garbo is the voice of Amanda Trowbridge who is an
English student studying at the University of Phoenix. Amanda leads
a small, local writers group called the Southwest Tennessee
Freelance Writers Guild where she tries to help new writers
(including herself) with developing their poetry and stories. She
hopes to someday teach creative writing, and to promote writing as
therapy for psychiatric patients. Until such a time, she uses
poetry to express her young, spiritual perspectives.

Amanda Trowbridge
Freelance Writer’s Guild


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