Poetry Corner – Volume 5


For the inner ear, the voice of the vessel of silence is an embrace
felt by an infinite number of scribes.
It is my wish to offer here an oasis of present day poetic

Each month i shall invite new poets to breathe with, and they in
turn will bring guests of their own.

Poetry Corner at TIFERET has evolved out of Donna Stein’s
enthusiasm to nurture the spirit of beauty in all its forms.

silent lotus

October 2010 Silent Lotus’ Selected

Tiko Lewis

and his guest Stella Read

Steve Toth

and his guest Sheila Heldenbrand



of winter

of chicory
and musk

i see
no trees
or leaves

or sideburns

no hands
in hands

no lips
to cheeks
or to passing
car windows

has come

we remain

Her Redwoods

the forest
above shadows

and shores
where mists

dust of


by men

Tiko Lews lives in Houston, Tx. besides writing, he enjoys
cigars, cooking, and sin. he’s married to a girl he met in the 10th
grade, and they have two not so little ones. Tiko is also an editor
at Poetry Circle.



October’s palette, umber
and cherry

blocks of colour
daubed and contrasted
with saffron or rust

adornments torn
and transformed
into a crackling shroud

leaving bare
the intricacies of
bark and bone

Canadian poet, Stella Read, lives in Ontario with her husband
and daughters. She is the primary caregiver to her elderly mother
who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Stella’s love of nature is often
reflected in her work. She is a regular contributor at Poetry



The voice of experience said
don’t let them touch you
intrusion is a function of distance
Haven’t you heard about the people
who develop pictures & how
they sometimes get depressed
because all the faces & poses
are so much alike?
One life ends in a blur
& another begins in one too

The voice of the heart said
haven’t you noticed how some of
the nicest people are also
the sickest & because they are
the sickest you see them more often
& get to know them better?
From then on I felt myself working
in imagination to ease their pain
& to heal them silently
with a discharge of will power


Coming in with our shovel & buckets
having transplanted four crowded fuchsias
& one light starved geranium
Upon closing the door we look out
the window at our handiwork

We see a hummingbird ia already
hovering in the empty space
once occupied by the largest plant
rotating on her axis in many directions
as if calculating the missing mass

Where the garden wears a vacant look
she hangs as if in utter amazement
as if something incredible has taken place
What’s this void doing here?
Plants don’t just walk off by themselves

Then she darts about the garden
checking for other discrepancies
where reality is at variance with actuality
& the vision is at odds with the visualization
Obsessed with how the immediate is rendered

It’s as if the hummingbird
has a three dimensional image
of where everything important goes
& that image can only be changed
by direct experience

Steve Toth was born in northern Minnesota where they have one
month of spring, one month of summer, one month of fall & nine
months of winter. Grew up, went to school & got married in
eastern Iowa. Now living in north western California where the
mountains, ocean & redwood forests come together. The words
speak for themselves.
Steve has two books that are still in print…..
Still Making Love Not War & Rewood Dreams.
His poetry is featured on All Spirit http://allspirit.co.uk/ and he posts regularly in the
Sacred Poetry Forum at Poety Chaikhana http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com and in the yahoo
groups Sufi Mystic and Warrior Poets.


Three Women

A Group of People decide to go for a ride in the car. The front of
the car is sunk into the road to the top of the bumper. I start to
drive, but the only seat left is the passenger seat, tending the
baby. My practical Taurus sister drives. A bull. She tries to drive
away fast, but can hardly keep ahead of the bull. She stops at the
driveway and I get out to get the mail. A voice says, ‘Let someone
smaller do it.’ Two women immediately jump out and race to the
mailbox. The bull beats them back to their seats, steps in, and
says, ‘Drive on.’

Sheila Hildebrand was born in 1951, Year of the Rabbit, and
grew up on a farm in the Midwest suffering from asthma. Lived with
my grandparents until I was five, watching TV, not allowed off the
sofa. Learned to read and read late at night, sleeping in class.
Bachelor of General Studies in 1973, University of Iowa, with three
areas of concentration: Writer’s workshop, archaeology, comparative
religion. Four dream prose poems published by Leonard Seastone,
Tideline Press, 1976 after a reading at Epstein’s Bookstore–though
my workshop fiction writing grad-student instructor, later Pultizer
prize winning author, Tracy Kidder, said that dreams were not a
valid creative medium. Married Steve Toth and worked as a
bookkeeper in rubber cane tip manufacturing and quality assurance
data in aerospace for the Department of Defense for over twenty
years in Los Angeles. Retired early because of health problems to
the Pacific Northwest after acquiring multiple chemical

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