infinite regression of change and resistance
multi-rhythmed rhyme
singing into the winds of change
to move their vector more in line
with where we wish to arrive

Common Ground

They say them liberal critters
Got their heads up in the clouds
They haven’t got a clue to how
to live here on the ground.
They give hand-outs to criminals
Can’t tell a foe from friend
They’re scared of guns and gumption
so ready to amend.
But there’s something we agree on
If we’re all on common ground
You help folks if they stumble;
don’t kick ’em when they’re down.

Duality, dichotomy, antipathy
All we see is
black and white
wrong and right
day and night
running blind into sharp edges
unneeded bloodshed
See: the world round, encompassing dimensions


Sun and Moon embrace
as one
for brief eternity
all mystery within

Black and White
create gradation
radiate kinetic energy
We can achieve
believe, begin, begin, begin

Gardeners, planting flowers,
planting food,
planting souls in
nurturing soil

perceiving wounds
to be sewn
relieving loneliness
revealing pain
held in, denied
twisting ardent toil

admiring their wards
finding with them
questions, keys and doors;
realizing history is only destiny
when explorations cease;
invitations from space and time
come complete
with choices

A choir of voices
from softest spark
to fervent blaze
Troops of effervescent players
drums at dawn
Inspiration and instruction
carried forth through song and stage
vibrant murals painting onward age to age
Taking up the challenge of the tale
that twists, turns, meanders
providing kaleidoscopic opportunity
ever to begin again

In the state of nature
Laws are enforced by
necessity, not choice
The Contract plainly reads
“Do what you will —
and see where that gets you.”

They take up space in the marketplace
with nothing but putrefying rotten wares.
Why should we think they have anything to offer us at all?

Bullies have always tried to demand respect with violence. The real point is to cut off the power of the bullies by refusing to acknowledge them as anything but what they are. What needs to happen is for the bullies to be treated as the fools they are, instead of respected as some kind of power or authority on who deserves bullying. That includes the bullies on the playground, in front of the classroom, in the home, in the work place, in the street, on the battlefield, in the media, everywhere.

The point of the First Amendment to the US Constitution is that we each be heard, all be represented, all get our say.

we at the bottom have always known you can defeat money with imagination

The good old days generally referred to are the post WWII times when we were full of vim and victory and most of Europe along with Japan were in shambles.

Those were days of high taxation on the highest incomes, if you will recall. Also, it was a time when community philanthropy was expected and respected.

Instead of putting all these resources into destruction of war, wouldn’t it be easier (and a big boon to the world economy) to say run contests and give big awards to people who organize peaceful businesses in communities at risk?

If big business is really so socially responsible and the best way to get important projects done, why haven’t these businesses taken on these projects. There is plenty of work to be done, and plenty of unemployed people to do it.

The thing is, kowtowing to big corp is exactly the wrong way to improve our economy. All those “regulations” businesses complain about keeping them from operating effectively are imposed by big business interests who buy themselves politicians to kill off competition. What we need for a thriving economy is small, local businesses providing for the needs and desires of customers in return for fair compensation, and so on, and so on, all around.

If big business is really the driver of employment, we do not need government involvement. However, do you see the millions of jobs these businesses have provided to bring us into near full employment today? I don’t either.

A real stimulus would not cater to entrenched players with bad records. Where are all the innovative 21st century manufacturers? Is the US ready to enter the real world?

I am so tired, exhausted, over and done with these “parties” and their labels. Those old tried and true conservatives that really had important messages about, you know, conserving what is best in our country, keeping a tight reign on common resources, thinking clearly and deeply about what is truly of value, could not even get a fair hearing on Fox or from those rabidly proclaiming their allegiance to ignorance. There is nowhere for a real conservative to go.

Those quietly moving and shaking behind the scenes are the plutocrats pushing an oligarchic agenda. They have the best that modern psychology can offer to pick off those below with lies and fantasies. People become so conditioned, they just move along in line. It is all very sad.

The only thing I can think of to keep from totally going under with the shipwreck to be in Washington, D.C. is to go local, as much as possible, making it more possible every day to spit in the eye of Congress because we’re making our world just fine ourselves.

With the national elections skewed by the focus of oligarchic special interests, it is ever more important to make a stand on the local level, where real people meet and work out regulations and services “on the ground”. Because the vast easily manipulable electorate is not paying attention to the real issues affecting their immediate lives, those who do can make a real difference where it most immediately counts.

It’s a midterm for the federal Congressional elections; but most of us also have State and Local governments, initiatives, referenda. The local level is where individuals can actually make a difference, where the rubber meets the road for immediate services and restrictions. To base the vote solely on the D.C. merry-go-round is to do a disservice to ourselves, to the concept of democracy, and to the communities in which we operate our everyday lives.

Serious about wanting people to vote? Get out there and promote — offer assistance to get folks to and from the polls, to babysit, to help with whatever circumstance makes staying home seem a better option.

People don’t get Obama. On the one hand they don’t see beyond his color and liberal supporters and think he is a promoter of a far left agenda. On another hand they don’t see beyond their own projections and fault him for bending too far towards the right. In fact, he is and always has been a centrist. He is mainstream America from his hybrid roots to his capitalist vision of the American dream.

Well-regarded alternatives to big medical business are portrayed as quacks, scams, not allowed. This is not about “Obama-care” but has been the mainline paradigm for a very long time here. Why aren’t the alternatives people want talked about?
Vote, but think first

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