Random words when touched by death


We swim in the waters of the divine. Too often we fear to breathe while under these waters of light and love. We fear the chaos of the waters already calmed; we don’t trust that we can breathe under this sea of the divine.


Take it in, breathe in her liquid essence, it heals, it sooths, the waters are clean and clear, love overcomes the fear. Breathe deeply in this new world and know that you are alive; trust and don’t be afraid, swim and be free.


Join me in the waters of creation, the seas of which the Spirit did calm, we can stir them again and swim into eternity. Be immersed, covered with the divine feel the warmth of her liquid healing on your skin, feel everything wash away, let it go.


The taste of wisdom has kissed my soul, I am breathless and yet breathe in deeply to take in every word, I am listening.The transition from this life to the next can be seen in the crossing of the Machsom, the crossing of the river of Styx, reaching Nirvana.


When members of the BODY pass from this life to the next, we grieve, families are distressed, and there is loss. Whatever, we choose to call it death is not final, it is a freedom from all that binds; in death the freedom of eternity is all around.


I pray for the families in my flock who have just lost their love in the form of a man and the roles he held, father, husband, friend.  I pray for the families in my flock who have just lost their love in the form of a woman and the roles she held, mother, wife, friend.


Death, Oh death, I feel your sting in the loss of loves; I rejoice in the victory of the Divine that welcomes new life to eternity. My fear and anxiety comes when, I consider that the lick of death often comes in threes; fly foul Reaper, take thy leave. Seek your victims from other fields, and allow this fold to grieve.

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