A Room of Her Own


You can read an essay about my first writing room  when I was a teenager in Ahvaz, Iran,  published in LA Times:


In case you are interested I will be teaching a fiction-memoir workshop in Assisi, Italy, this summer. Here is the information:

I will be teaching a fiction(memoir)workshop in Assisi, Italy, August 1-14, open for credit and non-credit. You can use the course as a vacation in a community of writers at a four star hotel in a beautiful ancient city. Credit option: through John Cabot University in Rome,students may use federal title IV student aid. For more details please click on: for my course: http://www.artworkshopintl.com/rw/wsDtCRW.aspx?wsID=69 for general info: http://www.artworkshopintl.com/rw/About.aspx


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