Running, Yoga and Dance for Peace


Running and yoga are what keep me most balanced physically and mentally, but a doin’ a little dance once in awhile always lifts my spirit. We live in a fast-paced, high stress world and alcohol is not my drug of choice. I need to break a sweat and then be still.

Sunrise is my favorite time of day to run and I’m blessed to live close enough to the ocean to see it every morning if I like. I am a bit competitive, so I do run in races, but I mostly run for that irreplaceable clarity of mind I receive. And yes runner’s high is “for real”.

Yoga is best for me in a class setting, but I do enjoy the occasional  solo session at home or on the beach. It gets all the kinks out and keeps me limber for my running adventures. Hatha is my general practice and focusing on my breath is the biggest challenge. My mind wanders so easily and remembering to be still and breathe deep is the hardest part.

Now for the fun…  When I’m in the right mood or I hear the right song, I do a little dance. It fills my soul and my spirit with joy. I could be in a club or on the street or my favorite place to dance… on the beach.


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