Self-Realisation and Communication with Self


At any point of time we are what we are….. Physically…. mentally ( intellectually ) ….. emotionally….. spiritually……

The physical mental and emotional aspects of our Being are subject to change… are changing constantly…..

There is something in us that is constant … remains unchanging…… and that is ———————- the consciousness , in which all change becomes perceptible….

This consciousness is ever and ever felt by each and everyone of us as ‘ I ‘… a silent feeling of ‘ I -am – ness ‘…….just being…. This is the spirit… the Light, without which all functioning of our body and mind stops ……

The knowledge , which leads to the awareness of the Unchanging in us is ” Knowledge of the Self “….. This awareness is Self Realisation.

The realisation constitutes the One-ness of ‘ Whatever your concept of your own self is ‘and ‘ that which you truly are….’

In the realisation of this One-ness takes place the realisation of One-ness of all creation…and, thereafter, all the aspects of behaviour, which relate to a feeling of ‘ two-ness’ ( I and the ‘other’) ie fear of the other, envy of the other, jealousy of the other , cheating the other and so on.. disappear for ever, for now there are ‘ no others ‘. True compassion and Love ( as sharing ) blossoms in the realised soul….

When self awareness… or Realisation happens… all is ( automatically ) understood…. all questions about God, Realisation etc are understood at the level of the unchanging Being within your own self….  understood beyond any doubt, whatsoever !

Also once realisation blossoms, the true import of all scriptures ( eg all that which has been explained by Krishna to Arjun in the 18 chapters of the Bhagvada Geetha ) gets understood as if ‘ seeing the palm of your own hand ‘….

In abiding in the realisation of his own true Self, One-ness , the realised soul is ever satisfied… satisfied in his own Being…The dependence on objects and relationships for satisfaction comes to an end….

Life continues according to the ordained destiny ( pra-rabhda ) , sans regrets, sans guilt, sans fear, sans anxiety….. in spontaneous responses to whatever destiny brings ……The realised person fulfils his destiny…. dealing with all situations… with strength and wisdom…. all his actions spreading joy and goodness all around.



Words,Thoughts are the medium of Communication with others……. They are also the medium of comn with our own selves….at the intellectual level… or even the ‘ feeling’ level ( emotional ? )…….. They also have the power to become the medium of ‘ realisation ‘ ; and in the state of realisation , words , thoughts , disappear into the silence of our own Being. They become our own Being…. Then, and then alone, they become capable of being expressed in action….

The process, by which the aforesaid ‘ happens ‘, is Meditation…. And Meditation is NOT a ‘ doing ‘… it is a ‘happening ‘… it is a flowering within us… a Gift from existence . or God ( if you so like ) .

Meditation is of the nature of understanding . It is a Gift given to those, who have, as a result of their own experience of many many lifetimes, have in their own Being discovered a blossoming of intense longing to move beyond gross materialism, into something more than just the Life external…..into Life eternal within their own selves…….. ” within “……

Words, thoughts expressed by the ‘ Knowers of Truth ‘ , thereafter , truly reveal their meaning to us beyond the Mind, beyond the intellect, ….. they become our own Being. They become US.

The Path is a Choice, WE  have to make…. oh, how wonderful is the Grace of Krishna ,when that happens….. for, then,  we are able to move into the TRUE experience of Love and Loving ……  Love eternal and infinite, which is also Bliss Infinite and Eternal, which embraces within itself all sorrow, all pain, all grief….


May I convey to all my loved friends here… that the Time IS  NOW come to move beyond words …. to the deep Silence within…. To make all words of the Knowers of Truth… the means of Communicating with our own depths within… to our own Being within… to Existence within, to Conciousness, our source within !!!

And dear dear Friends, let us not be tardy on this account…. let us strive .. strive diligently, regularly … to recieve the Gift of Meditation from existence… The Blessings of all the Buddhas are with us……..

Krishna … Jai Krishna.. Jai Jai Krishna ….

One more thing . That, which IS….. which is the Unchanging Reality, The total potential, The supreme Being-ness expressing itself as all Beings. has so guided that Narinder calls IT  Krishna .

You may choose to call THAT by any name that is music to your ears, and  brings joy to your heart. (smile)


Love and light ,
aum amen ameen  <3

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