Take Your Place, Beloved


Take Your Place, Beloved

I am with you always, even as the living air.

Look up at the sky;

no matter where you go or where you are,

it is always there.

Even if you forget, it is there yet.

In the day it’s filled with sailing clouds

of unspeakable beauty.

In the night it’s filled with billions of calm stars,

gleaming so cool and distant,

and yet, they are suns, each one. They are fire.

God keeps a place for every star,

and God keeps a place for you.

Take your place, Beloved.

God will hold your place for you.

No matter what appears or seems to be,

this is the truth:

Your place in God’s heart is secure.

Your place in God’s plan is certain.

And your place in this world

is safe for you to be.

It is the place your soul has chosen,

and your soul has not made a mistake.

From: Promises, Listening To The Inner Counselor

V. Blakeman Vaughn is a pseudonym made from my own and my grandmother’s name.

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