How to share links on the Tiferet Facebook Page


The Tiferet Facebook Page is a great place to share links to things you think our members will like. We’ve seen people sharing links to various websites, videos and even to their own website.  One of our goals at Tiferet is to make sure people know about all the interesting things they can discover by being a part of the community, so we have a new area we want to offer for sharing links to Facebook.

Instead of posting certain links directly on the Tiferet Facebook, we’ve set up a special category, so you can post your link here, on Tiferet, then post the Tiferet link to the Facebook Page.

How does this work?

When links are posted directly to the Fan Page and someone clicks on them, they are taken directly to that link.  This bypasses the Tiferet website.  By posting via a Tiferet Link, you will help keep people aware of and give them access to other “Featured” Tiferet links.

How do I do it?

It’s easy, simply create a new post, and check off the “Recommended” Category, click “Publish” then copy and paste the link to your newly published post on the Tiferet Facebook Page.

Let’s look at it step by step, with pictures:

Step 1:  Find the website you’d like to share, and grab it’s URL:

Step 2:  Log In to and click “Add new Post”

Step 3: Type up a simple post with a sentence or two about the website you are linking to.  In the image below you will see that I inserted an image of the webpage and a link to the site.

Step 4: About the link, you will need the URL you copied in Step 1.  Click the “link chain” icon in the Post editor, and paste in the URL, and give it a title:

Step 5: Check off the “Recommended” Category and click “Publish”

Step 6: Go to your newly published post, copy the URL:

Final Step:  Go to the Tiferet Facebook Fan Page and Share the URL you just copied:

If you followed the steps, then you have just shared the website to both the Tiferet Web Site AND Facebook 🙂

Thanks for following along, and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail Todd.