In the great sweep of cosmic history, absolutely nothing significant
will happen in the coming year, as nothing significant happened in the
past year.

For a few brave people, however, the end of the Mayan calender will
come. In fact, the end of time will come, as it always comes, for a few
brave people who wake up in the present moment and say, ‘To hell with
the future.’ It is then, if we are brave, that we notice the unique
and special gifts that every person shares with the world, and the
marvelous things that our neighbors are doing in this life, today.

Most of us, though, will repeat the same old fears and fantasies in our
heads, regretting what can’t be undone, anticipating what will most
likely never happen, always with a sense that something either (a)
other-worldly or (b) disastrous approaches, depending on the melodrama
that each little “I” plays over and over in its thoughts, while in the
terrible sweet suchness of the actual world, true sacraments of beauty
and goodness blossom all around us, unnoticed in the radiance of the
ordinary – not the least miraculous of which is this breath, this very
breath received by grace perpetually now, from a cool and healing
spring of mysterious Presence that is, for most, an ever missed
opportunity to finally be done with fear, with care and weariness, and
merely bravely wondrously Be.

Therefor I resolve this year to quit paying attention to the
shadow-theater of the past and future, which only exists in my head,
and to notice the colors of the world, the tiny rites and ceremonies of
the insignificant: to notice a crocus blossoming in snow, the screech
of a molting eagle over the estuary, a maidenhair fern unfolding its
delicate green galaxy in a sun-gold patch of forest, and the changing
seasons of light in my neighbor’s eye.

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