Poetry Corner – Volume 15

Poetry Corner
March 2012 Silent Lotus’ Selected Poets’
D.A. Wils
and her guest Stacee Lee Melville






The Gardener

I looked up and saw his dark hands,

so wide and soft,

Holding a vibrant green stem

with a yellow bud resting atop its life.

The flowering overflowed with sweet dew,

so fruitful, still, in the power of his grasp.

The budding seemed at home with him,

as if his hands contained its native soil.





Dead Men in Trenchcoats

I found myself standing on a corner

in a sea of trenchcoats

all beige and stationary.

Epaulets, pleats, tucks, flaps

decorating their beigeness.

Not one streak of blond in their hair;

not one dawn in their eyes.

All Dead. Dead men in trenchcoats.

When the light changed, the wave of beige

bodies moved themselves forward.

One rush of monotony

All the same. All dead.

My vivid red scarf looking bloody

mixed in with them,

If only the tip of my scarf could touch

one sleeve,

sparks would fly.






Angel Fire

The angel fire

Surprised my innocence,

Burned my benevolence.

We were never told about angel fire,

Guardian angels of course but

Not their fire

The orange of its breath

Took mine

The heat of its justice

Reversed my pardons

It murmured finality

It screamed fertility

As fire usually does



D.A. Wils has been a writer most of her life, a spiritualist all her life.

She wrote childrens stories on construction paper with crayons when she was 6. D.A. became a Transcendental Meditation teacher in 1978 and has practiced and taught TM ever since. She has been in private practice utilizing the tools of intuitive medicine for over 35 years having been trained in intuitive healing when she was 6. D.A. is a Reiki Master, a trained practitioner of Trager, The Yuen Method, Spiritual Response Therapy and Aura Soma. D.A. has been collecting and assimilating the knowledge contained in her recent book, HORSE TO WATER, for 35 years.

She is the editor for the Essence Quality of Life Center monthly Newsletters and do-developer of the Mystery of Mastery Seminars and the Living Waters Workshops. She has one daughter and four dogs and a life partner of of 22 years and is co- owner of the Essence Quality of Life Center, a multi-disciplinary healing center, in Carol Stream Illinois with Dr. Sue Brown (BGI).


email: dawils@writeenlightenment.com






Dark daggers
From a poisoned heart
Fly by, spent
No evil in them
Heart softens
From a shared moment
Sees one, open
No evil intent
Poison distills
From a wounded heart
Draws down, weakened
No evil is found
Heart blossoms
From a graceful mind
Sees hope, forgiven
No evil, not alone



Stacee Lee Melville studied literature and psychology before beginning a career as a Shiatsu Bodywork Therapist. Much of her perspective about life has been shaped by years of training in several Asian bodywork disciplines, offering her an understanding of wellness as the harmony of body, mind and spirit. While a practitioner at the Essence Quality of Life Center, she was invited to write quarterly for their community newsletter and that reignited her first love – writing. She is a contributor to the recently published, Horse To Water, by DA Wils.

email: gypsychi@graffiti.net



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