Soul Connections


There is a certain feeling I get when I look into a person’s eyes and see immediately the depth of their soul. It is peaceful and inviting and the eyes truly are the windows to each person’s soul. I can also feel the pain, sorrow and emptiness of a suffering soul. What’s most important in either case is to try and make a connection. A smile, an empathic look or even an embrace. I am learning more and more that we as humans crave and long to be loved unconditionally more than even food and water. Yet there is so much unkindness in the world. I suppose you can’t have the good without the bad, but it seems to me that there is room for a lot more love and connection.

It doesn’t matter how small the gesture, just that we as humans try each day to make that effort. You never truly know what a person is going through and what an impact that loving gesture may have on them. I have been the recipient on many occasions recently and have also had the opportunity to make those gestures and boy was I surprised at how much better it felt to give than to receive. What a blessing…

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