Spade + Attitude = Spaditude


Not everyone likes to garden yet this a good era for a lot of us to have the attitude of a gardener – what I call: spaditude. If you want to get back to whatever your version of “the garden” is, it only makes sense to do your share of planting, weeding, and watering.

If you have spaditude:

  • You have a green attitude, one that respects all life and knows what a carbon trail is.
  • You forgo enough drama in life to make a crawl space for tranquility.
  • You celebrate diversity while offering the world your unique ability to juggle 10 salt and pepper shakers without spilling a grain.
  • You know when you are wrong and (gulp) admit it.
  • You practice forgiveness or ponder that possibility.
  • You entertain or accept the idea that we’re connected – one for all, all for one.

What else is in the word spaditude? How would you finish the sentence, If You Have Spaditude: YOU_______________________________ .

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