How Spirituality Can Lead You To Your Destined Path



I had been going back and forth for awhile between the decision of going back to college or to stay home and “find myself” and figure out an alternative decision. I felt that society would judge me if I did not have a college degree. I felt that just working would not support me enough with all my dreams of traveling.

College is certainly not for everyone and you can be just as successful without it. No matter which direction you go- studying, hard work and a creative, spiritual mind will take you to any place in which you desire.

I had not believed 3 years ago that spirituality would guide me to my destined place in life. My mother started to read a lot of self-help and spiritual books and would discuss them with me. I then became very interested in learning more about it and decided to teach my subconscious mind to take in all the information in which I am now using.

I was sitting in the car and said to myself “God will send me a sign for me to choose where I am destined to be.” “I am worthy, I am go(o)d, I am successful.”

Later that day I had decided to apply for a job online to a local health food store as I am interested in herbal remedies and organic products. I began to read about the owner and found that he had went to a school (an herbal training program) to become an herbalist. This then lead me to looking up where this school was located and found that it is right in my county! I took this as a huge sign to move forward and to not return to my previous college. I am now in the process of starting an education in something I am really interested in, rather than continuing at a college where I felt no major was meant for me and my happiness. This was the first time in 3 years that I had felt I had a direction in life. I believe spirituality played a big part in it.

My favorite ways to become more spiritual: Every night before you fall asleep (at least five minutes before) repeat to yourself things that you desire to be or believe you already are. My favorites:

“I am good” – “I am healthy”- “I am wealthy”- “I am successful”- “I am worthy of relationships”- “I am happy”

These thoughts will imprint in your subconscious mind after a period of time. If you are having bad thoughts while in bed: get up, distract yourself, and repeat your desires to yourself as if you already have those qualities, friendships, etc.

Secondly- read, read read! Educate yourself. I really recommend the book “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass. Also, anything written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Listen to his CDs while you are on your way to work, school, or vacation. They are very insightful and will help your subconscious imprint those readings and thoughts to your conscious mind. Soon you will not even have to think. Spirituality, success, and happiness will be like second nature to you.

My last piece of advice is- know that whichever path you choose in life is neither right or wrong. Stick with it and do not look back. Set it as a goal to be successful and to not give up. You will have doubts at times but always remember that God has already made a plan for you. If you are destined to be somewhere- you will get there. It might take the hard or long way, but you will make it.

I believe in you as much as I believe in myself- and that’s a whole lot!

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