Talking Heads


You know that ‘my head’s so full it’s going to explode’ feeling you get when you have a bad cold?  That’s how your energy head feels when you’re a Talking Head.  It’s actually heavy to the hands of the healer.  (If the healer accesses energy through felt-sense or clairsentience.)

Guess what?  We’re all a bunch of talking heads.  And seriously folks, Talking Heads is a rock group, not a way of life!  Even Talking Head groupies, in fact The Talking Heads themselves – are best served with energy dispersed throughout their bodies.  And yet, that’s not how we ride.  What gives?

Let’s go back to birth.  We’re born and our energy and consciousness is centered in our bodies and we’re connected – mind, body & spirit.  It’s all good.  And then – mayhem begins.

We begin to learn language, we copy the actions and behaviors of our teachers – our parents, our siblings, our relatives, our friends.  By the time we get to kindergarten?  Game over.  We’re up in our heads and it’s where we hang out.  I know, I know, an exaggeration, sort of.  But the point is germane.

Whenever I run a class of students through EHI’s curriculum for hands-on healing, they learn a form of energy balancing that accesses the body’s polarity.  Head, toes.  Left, right.  The form begins with the hands on the head and finishes with the hands at the feet.

The process balances and disperses the energy throughout the body so that clearing can actually happen.  Think about it.  We have to get the energy into the body and out of the head so that it can be released, cleared, infused, supported.

What happens with acupuncture?  Same thing.  The needles are placed to open pathways for chi to flow.  The pathways have starting and  termination points, to release stagnant chi and replenish.

CK sees an acupuncturist frequently, has energy sessions frequently, meditates and clears energy more than frequently (daily and often multiple times daily).  And yet, my body needs support and attention to achieve a balanced state.

Why?  Because CK like all of us, is still a Talking Head.  I write, I email, I engage, I create, I research, I learn, I commute, I have projects, I beekeep, I snowshoe, I grow food, I have a family.  I have a life.  And if you’re like me, you probably do too!

So what can we do?  Who can afford to take the time and spend the money on daily(!?), hourly (?!) acupuncture or energy healing sessions to get energy flows in stasis for a spell?

Several things.  Easy things.

  • Ground.
  • Bend over and touch your toes.  Ragdoll pose.  Uttasanan for you yogis.  In energy terms, Reversing Polarity.


The Un-Talking Head Practice

 You don’t have to actually touch your toes, and you don’t need to hold a pose.  Or your nose.  Truthfully?  You really never need to hold your nose with this pose unless you’re doing it underwater.  So I digressed to enjoy the rhythmic prose.

To learn how to touch your toes: , Steps 1-4.  I agree with everything these experts say.

  • Open your feet chakras.  The feet chakras are located in the arches of the feet.  The petals of the chakra point down to the Earth, and access and engage your grounding cord.  Imagine that you can open the petals to around 60-65%.  They don’t need to be fully open.  Too much of a good thing….

When the feet chakras are open, the organic ebb and flow of energy can rock on; you have more access to your body as an energy system.

When they’re closed too tightly – a Talking Head results.  In other words, the body is collaborating with the unconscious intent of the mind & emotions to contain energy in the head.

Try these skills and see how your head feels.  Notice your body.  Breathe.  Allow.  Enjoy.

And then get back to work.

Repeat as often as necessary.

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