Human Gardener:

Jocko is not the only spirit I hear and see. My intuition guides me to

contact whomever I need at a particular moment in my gardening and

nature work. I know the spirits of trees and those of the wind. I can

usually know what weather we will be having if I ask the treetops. The

treetops are told by the wind what weather is coming, so I consult them

and they will usually have the lowdown. I can talk to those spirits

that have to do with plants, individual plants and parts of plants.

There is a spirit for each part of nature and all the small parts that

work within.

Jocko is one of my teachers. I will often consult him first if I have a

question and he will send me on to the spirit I need to consult. I have

learned in the process much about the world of the spirits. It is a

hierarchy which has higher spirits with more responsibility. For

instance, there are spirits that govern storms and above them are those

who decide there is going to be a storm. Then there are all the other

spirits that participate in many different ways in making the storm to

come about: spirits of water, of lightning, of wind, etc.

All of these spirits function in this hierarchy and perform what they are asked to do. I have not yet met a rebel. All those I have met are contented to be doing what they are

asked and take on each task with joy and commitment. Their work effects

the well-being and work of all the other spirits. They know this and

accept their part in the larger framework of their reason for being.

There is not really a choice in this context for nature spirits. But they do not regret this or long for

freedom. These feelings do not exist for the spirits. They do not have

feelings or longings in the same way we do. They long to connect with

humans, but they do not long to be doing something else. They are part

of a pattern of life and they are happy to be and do this. They do not

have questions about their place in the larger scheme of nature. They

know their place. It is so different for humans who have to search to

find their place and are so full of many conflicting emotions. Nature

spirits do not to deal with all this. They simply are what they are and

that is fine.

Tree spirits:
Yes, she does talk to our tree tops. Our leaves live in the wind and the wind spirits tell us the weather as they pass. They not so much tell us, as we understand what

the weather will be. Then if the human gardener listens to our leaves in

the wind, we can tell her the weather.

We trees have much we can share with humans. Each of us have lived longer than many plants, so have

experienced so much more as spirits. Some of us have seen your history

pass before us. We form connections to the things around us– another

tree, a building, a garden, a human. These connections, of course,

change much over the course of our lives.

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