The Body: A Barometer – by Jennifer Schaeffer


The Body:  A Barometer

It has been said that there are seven wonders of the world.  I think one was left off the list; the human body.  It is the greatest wonder of all.  When working properly, it is the closest thing to a miracle.  When something goes awry, it quickly becomes a nightmare one can barely comprehend.

It’s a well-oiled machine, like a perfectly crafted watch.  All the pieces inextricably linked, made to function at the optimum level.  But machines can break or malfunction.  One can open the watch, and often see exactly what is causing the disconnect.  We can investigate the body as well.  Spotting a broken bone?  Quite easy.  Spotting a broken brain?  That’s a whole different ball game…

The outward appearance of the body is often the best barometer that something is horribly wrong inside.  Alzheimer’s doesn’t solely affect the mind, it produces great, and quite odd, changes in the body, but the body doesn’t keep secrets too well, or for too long.  Many diseases are visible on the body before they’re discovered internally.  Our body is like a highly specialized early warning system.  The key is to heed the warning.





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