The Fog


You think that just for me it’s a fog around? Not
all the time and not related to weather or condition.
when I sit quietly and I try to remember my previous minutes or my
previous days or my previous years…
I trying to restore a piece of time which I passed over, everything is
wrapped in a milky fog… Even a specific weight seems to fall
somewhere on my back…

It sees something, but no details in clear for a certainly real
understanding of an event.

It means something, but nothing
seems undoubtedly … And then it’s hard to say that everything is
like what we experienced. Grave doubt arise
about the veracity
of facts, of details. I am no longer sure of anything. And then, how
can I judge myself honestly?
yourself to watch for three seconds ago!…
Well, I’m then
washed by a fog, sometimes thick, sometimes only a thin steam…
be a specific disease that makes us feel that everything around will
plunge into a milky fog immediately what happened? It’s a form of
survival, a mechanism that spare our mind? …A necessary washing for
the memory?

If we were sick we should have different sensations when closing the eyes, for example. But we
dont… I’m feeling the fog again with or without open eyes.

Can be something like we live in the fog when the present is melted?

Can come from there a lack of uniformity, separation of the images in “awake”, “less awake”
and during sleep situation?

Can be this fog a symbol for a vagueness understanding of the reality – from the mind perspective?
And, if so, then what we need for recomposing our lives clearly,

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