The Gift and the Payment


It is a question that echoes in all worlds—from realms of the spirit to the material needs and exchanges of our everyday life: We are born to give and to serve, yet nothing can be realized without payment, without sacrifice, without separating oneself from something seemingly precious. Similarly, there is a work required in order purely and simply to receive and accept a gift, be it from God or man or nature, be it a new energy, a needed action, or even money. In the realms of spirit there is, as well, the eternal interplay between grace (meaning the unearned gift) and effort, or struggle, paying with one’s emotions, opinions, willingness to give way, or with one’s fixed, attached attention. In nature as in human life: on the one hand everything has to be paid for (karma) and, on the other hand, everything comes and is given from Above.

How to understand this central question of human life? How to live our understanding?


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