The Great Cliches


There are times in life when I must return to the great simplicities, which some would call cliches. That’s all right with me. A cliche is a truth that never needs to change because it always works.

You learn something old every day.  ~ Fred Rogers

What are the great cliches, the great simplicities? God is. God dwells in the intimate center of my soul as an incomprehensible Other. I do my best when I surrender my work to God. And if I wish to know God’s gift of Grace, all I have to do is breathe.

Breathe out: pour the mind’s confusion into the heart’s silence. Pray when empty, “Lord I am nothing, you are all, I rest in your Presence.” Now, breathe in radiance and joy to share with everyone who touches your life.
Prayer clears the mist and brings back peace to the soul. ~ Rumi

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