THE LIVING TEMPLE: A Global Sacred Place


Each day,
billions of people visit sacred places. These settings offer profound
peace and inspiration. Yet, they can also be places of intense
conflict. With this paradox in mind, I traveled to sacred sites around
the globe. Moving from culture to culture, I saw global communication
offering a new way of experiencing sacred places. The countless
structures that had been separated by geography and belief for thousands
of years could now be seen as many doorways to a common storehouse of
human experience. Here is a vision of what I encountered in the world
treasury of knowledge and wonder.

Something compels us to draw
designs. It carries us out of the world we know to a place where
darkness contains a pulsating seed of light. The pulsating light breaks
into stars. The stars gather into a hub of radiance and a wheel of
time. The hub and wheel become a wondrous dwelling place where
consciousness and energy stream into the world.

This combination
of awareness and forces shape the world in subtle and mysterious ways. I
want to understand what these these powers are and how they work. So I
search for places that reveal the secrets of energy and matter.

encountered a stone gateway set against the sky. Through this gateway,
I saw consciousness and energy rolling through an ocean of raw forces.
They teemed with possibilities and primal power. These elemental forces
rose through human beings. They animated our relationships and
endeavors. Some people warned that contact with primal power was
dangerous. They cautioned that expressing it too opening brought
rejection and shame. Yet, battling elemental forces led to struggle and

Another gateway revealed new insights about the primal
powers. When they appeared to be destroying, they were providing unseen
protection. When they looked as though they were causing chaos, they
were organizing wise designs. When primal powers appeared to be
separate from us, they were flowing through every cell of our being.

they provided knowledge and energy, I called the primal powers Wisdom
Currents. Wherever human lived, they built structures to honor and
protect the alchemy of these forces. Some honored the Wisdom Currents
too tightly. They developed an obsession to posses them and trap the
Wisdom Currents’ flowing wonder in fixed objects.

Yet, the forces
of life used this obsession to control life to take us deeper into
life. It moved ancient designers to draw Wisdom Currents into circles.
Builders passed these arcs into stone and filled it with life. They
widened the arcs, tracing the expansion of Wisdom Currents from seeds
of form into multidimensional circuits of regenerating energy. The
regenerating cycles morphed into spirals. Spirals whirled into
labyrinths. The winding path led deeper into the twist and turns of
matter and energy.

When the path straightened, it pierced the
physical world and passed through spiritual realms of shadow and light,
contraction and expansion and other pairs of opposites. On their way,
the Wisdom Currents charged physical spaces with vitality.

charged passages led to places where the varied qualities of the Wisdom
Currents took the forms of plants, animals and humans. The myriad
personalities of the Wisdom Currents found sanctuary beneath vast domes
of all-encompassing space. Within the all-encompassing spaces, the
Wisdom Currents were born as individual being. Each being passed through
archetypal stages of gaining identity.

Strangely, individual
beings dreamed the Wisdom Currents into a maze of limitations, fear and
violence. Caught within this self-created nightmare, they looked for a
way out. They sacrificed all they had, imploring Life for release
them. With nothing left to offer, they feared decay and death.

each being found that he or she was not alone, but connected to all
beings in the past, present and future. Each personality discovered her
or his role in weaving threads of life into the whole. The
interweaving pattens they generated rose into magnificent architecture,
unfolding possibility after possibility of the play between energy and
matter. The beauty and mystery they created moved them to bow in

Now the Wisdom Currents shimmer through digital
screens. Ancient holy places shine through monitors around the globe.
The sacred places, separated by geography and belief for thousands of
years, can now be seen as many doorways to one living temple of shared
human experience.

The Wisdom Currents that flowed through ancient
builders to create the Living Temple also flows through our time. It
will flow into the future, reshaping the Living Temple in new and
unexpected ways. As it did in the beginning, darkness will contain a
seed of pulsating light. The pulsating light will carry us into an
unknown world. Something within us, will compel us to draw designs.

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