The Moon of Dark Night




The Moon of dark night


I am in love with the Moon,

The line itself makes it poetic, isn’t it?

Well, I may not be the only one…The grandeur of the moon captures many hearts.


I can’t reason my love but I may describe it. It’s simple and pure as any love. Nothing can justify it, nothing can prove it wrong.

As I say, I am in love with the Moon.

I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on him. The moment when my gaze got tethered to his brightness…

His brilliance imprinted on my heart. His radiance penetrated my soul.

I love Moon in all its form, just the way it is, just the way it can be…And his versatility has no clone…

I love when he is full and white…bright with happiness and content.

I love him when he is hidden in the black clouds of clutter and anguish,

I love him when he gradually withdraws himself in size and is distant only to reappear in the darkest sky with so much soothing calmness.

I love the Moon with all its dark stain, as it just adds the milestones of previous burnt, bruises and pain.

 I love him when he is near, I love him when he is far, I love him when he is nowhere…

I love the way he brings tides and ebbs of emotions, love and life with him. I love the way he touches lives around.

I love the way he shows his anger with eclipse for it makes him even more attractive.

I love the way he converts the heat (negativity) of the day into healing coolness of the night…

I love the way he projects the light of the resting sun to make the darkness bearable. He lights the path with his light and the soul with inspiration.

I love his total oblivion to the truth, how he changes the horoscopes of souls around, how he affects the essence of existence, how he empowers the very core of hearts.

He might not be seen in the blinding light of the day, not because he is not there, but because my eyes fail to see him in my good times, but because he waits there for me to hold me and re-light my path when the inevitable darkness befalls.

The Moon is not mine. I can’t touch him but he is so near. He is so always there. He is so real.

At times I feel I revolve around him, at times, he revolves around me. But the truth is, the axis of love joining us keeps us together. It fixes us to each other. It neither pulls us too close to collide and explode nor repels us away to lose each other.

I may be just so lucky. I may be even dreaming. God may be really in love with me, for He created the Moon for me.

The enigma of Moon’s love is strange. I feel him all around me. I see him all around me. He shines all around me.

Yet he feels to be a mere myth. He feels to be the creation of my craziness. He feels to be the figment of my neurochemicals…

I know I love the Moon. It may be insane but it’s as true as my heartbeat.

I am not scared of night now. I am not scared of shadows now.

I no more know what part I play in his heart but I know he is the one who lit my soul.

God, I am in love with the Moon…



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