The Paintbrush


Enlightenment is like a paintbrush

placed in the hand of a mannequin

who has fully captured your attention

while the child behind you

dances wildly with paint stained hands

soaking the world with expression


Prove your devotion to love and truth

through right action and discernment

and you will be surprised to find

an even finer instrument in your breast pocket

while those who sit idly before the storefront window

become dreamers frozen in time


Seek then, balance

in the stillness of eternity

creativity in the well spring of your soul

and moral fortitude in honest endeavors

but never forsake that untamed child

who twirls with perfect passion


So that as you receive the gift

you may create timeless masterpieces

that stir the souls of drifters

toward reflection and awesome illustration

of their own inspired potential


For unto them as is given to you

a personalized map will be unearthed

from the catacombs of imagination

to guide them through dark and lonely nights

where the heavens dance on silky swells

toward the ineffable shore

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