The Space Between


Some days I’m going along and I’m in that flow we all search for. Everything just clicks, synchronistic events occur to bring me exactly what I’ve asked for.  I feel so connected; like I’m right where I should be.

Then comes that one day, or two, maybe three, where absolutely nothing happens. No synchronistic events, no emails, no phone calls. It’s like I’m alone on the planet. Hey, what happened? Of course, I could just trust but that would be too easy. I have to question what happened, did I do something incorrectly.

Ironically, I didn’t do anything unusual. It’s just my prayer request is taking longer than I anticipated. I refer to that as the space between; that time between when a prayer request has been made and is fulfilled.

It’s like placing an order online. We order up the item and then wait for it to arrive. If it’s supposed to arrive in 4 days and it doesn’t, we begin to wonder what happened. With online orders, we can pull up tracking numbers and find out where it is.  There is usually some legitimate reason; the item is back ordered, bad weather along the route, wrong number on the card, etc.

We can’t track our prayers though; we can only make them and have faith they will appear. If we’re quiet enough and surrender, we can start to see things line up to bring delivery. However, like ordering from different parts of the world, some requests take longer to arrive.

If we dwell in that space between, we can go nuts wondering where, when, and how.  If we can learn to let go and know it’s on its way, somehow, then we can relax and carry on. I know this sounds easy enough, but it is definitely very challenging to wait; especially when you really, really want something.

The next time I’m in the space between I think I’ll just prepare for the delivery or maybe I’ll order something else. I might as well enjoy the time.

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