The Truth Unknowable



The simple truth of Being
Expressed simply as the silent affirmation , “ I am ”
Inexpressible and un-understandable does become ————-
The tedius quest of the Mind !

And the endless Search begins
Into the truth of Truth !
Action … Karma
Knowledge ….Gyana…..
Tapa and Japa
Sishyas and Gurus !

All searching futile,
all seeking only frustration
All ‘doing’, a tedium
All ‘knowing’, a myth
…………Tired and listless, in exasperation ………….
The Search drops!

And Lo !
The simple truth of Being
Lies bare and ever revealed
The self indeed is Annatta ………. not-self
The Not-self , verily the self !

The two are
In truth, not –two !


The ‘I am’ rises as the song
The ‘I am’ flowers as the dance
The I am , indeed, is the blossom
That is karma
That is Bhakti
That is Gyana
That is Japa and Tapa
Is the Guru and sishya
Is the Joy of Silence ,
Whence all disappear unto the Truth
The simple truth of Being
Ever known,yet Un-knowable !!

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