The Vessel


Within the beginning God created us in God’s own image; God formed us from dirt, yet blessed with Divine visage.  We

are caught between the human and the Divine; participants of God’s kingdom in our midst of time. Some assume they

are keepers of God’s sacred  flame, some seek showers of accolades to cover their pain. Some even think they are

cursed or they are ones to blame; everything they do in life is steeped in rancor or in shame. We are all a blend

of  wounded healers seeking to be healed; Some are called to be the hands of Christ, others sent into God’s

mission field.  Upon you O Lord, we throw pain, our desires, our curses, our rancor, and our shame; With

our whole hearts we seek to  serve, so strengthen us with your Spirit, and give us the nerve; to speak

the truth of love to all,  to seek your voice and  beckoned call. Give us the courage to love all people,

those clay formed clods we would rather hate; Enable us to see their Divine image from within

the beginning you did lovingly create.  Almighty God who gives us breath of life, whose

reforming light from the divine heart does flow; Enlighten us, transform us, remold

us anew, allow our evolving spirits to thrive and to grow; Shine on us Almighty

God with divine Shekinah Light, burn away all our illusions, our egos, our

thoughts that we are right. Open our hearts to know the truth,

the spark of truth within, it shines like the Sun above, it is

beyond evil and destroys all sin.

It is in Christ

that we

are all


humanity  perfected;

His spark of Glory within our hearts

remakes all things defected.  We are caught between the Divine and human;

with Christ who is in the middle;   He is the way the truth and life, the answer and the riddle.


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