The White Light Caper


You’re spiritual, you’ve got a practice that you’ve developed over time, combining skills and tools you’ve learned from workshops, your readings, perhaps including well-intentioned teachings from a yoga teacher or Reiki Master or other healing practitioner.

Is one of the tools in your toolkit White Light?

What do you know about white light and its properties? tell us:

“White light is the name given to what the human eye sees when all the colors that make up the visible light spectrum are combined. The visible light spectrum is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light. When white light is shined through a prism, it is broken into these separate colors of the visible light spectrum. Most people commonly refer to white light simply as “light.”… Although it is a less common definition of the term, some holistic healers refer to “white light” as a part of the universe that stores all positive energy.”

White light is a very high frequency color – the highest frequency in the spectrum in fact.  It’s all colors combined – you simply can’t get any higher.  In spiritual traditions, white is often a symbol of purity, of God or god-self.  Think angels, doves, the robes worn by initiates in some spiritual traditions.

While it’s true that God (or Source) is within, is it possible for you to imagine that white light might be a frequency that is a little higher than our human bodies can absorb while remaining grounded, centered and embodied?

As a channel, I learned to consciously engage white or silver light as the frequency to match to enable channeling to occur.  During channeling, the ‘host’ vacates his or her body and creates a merged environment from which the channeled entity or energy can operate.  Following the channeling session, the white or silver light is disengaged and replaced with a stream of gold energy – the energy of the Cosmos.

As a channel, it took a while to realize that white and silver light were too high a frequency for staying put, living my life, setting the table, feeding the dogs, going to work and taking care of myself.  I’d run white or silver light, my grounded self would disappear, and I’d float from task to task, perhaps completing them, perhaps not.  Often losing huge chunks of my day to…who knows what…I wasn’t here!

My school attracts channels – it’s a vibration thing!  The phrase ‘we teach what we most need to learn is accurate.’  I teach grounding, energetic self-care, clairvoyance, channeling, and other consciousness-related skills and practices related to energy healing.  The school and I attract channels and healing practitioners who respond to the grounded presence that is achieved through the skills offered.

To a person, the channels who have learned to use gold light in replacement of white light for their embodied life find themselves more focused, clear, grounded, settled, consistent, stable and productive.

Now here’s the kicker, we are entering the Aquarian Age, and there’s all kinds of spiritual hoo-ha floating around.  Purple swords of truth, yellow flames of justice – all kinds of concepts that may well represent a potentiality – truth and justice really are good things, yes?

What if sending white light is the antithesis of what we should be doing?  Here person struggling with an illness, let me send you some white light, which is too high a frequency for you to remain embodied. That’ll help you get well!  Or not.  Maybe it will just knock the person right out of his body.  And where is the illness?  In the body!  So what needs to heal?  Yeah, the body.

A fabulous teacher I encountered along the way, John Friedlander calls this kind of stuff ‘inflicting a healing.’  Can you stand it?  I totally love that phrase.

I just don’t love the infliction.  So if you need to send someone light, consider the neutral, gold, sparkling, vibrant, embodiable (is that a word?  and if not, why not?) light of the Cosmos.  We all use that to live and thrive.

And if you’re mad at me for debunking white light as the source of all embodied healing – send me no light at all!

Have a sparkling day!

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