The World Dances in Your Sabbath


To purify the world, see the world as pure. Then act upon the pure world from the level of purified vision.

To purify your vision, meditate. To meditate is to immerse one’s heart in absolute Silence.

To see the world as pure is to see the dancing Goddess, Shakti. Seeing the world as the dancing Goddess, nothing in the world is ungodly. The earth is made of starlight. Every proton of each atom is ripe and dense with bliss. Ananda.

The dancing goddess is nature, Prakriti. She is the whole creation. She is the earth. But where does she dance? In what space?

Her dance is an exquisite mirage in the immaculate void of your awareness. Adore her as your own Self.

Even her wildest dance is a vibration of clear empty mind, just as the form of each ocean wave is made of water. So the space in which she dances remains still, silent, majestic with adoration and wonder. That space is you.

The world rests in the dance of the Goddess, and the dance of the Goddess rests in you. Now may you rest in Shiva, the silence of unbounded awareness.

This is Sabbath: to rest in God. To set the world like a jewel in your heart, and your heart like a jewel in the Divine. Your Sabbath rest restores the entire creation. Selah.

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