Theatre of Dreams


The sun is my spotlight

that One in the royal digs

guides its way


But no one knows I’m in it

no one is clapping

because surprise

you’re in it too!


So let’s put on a good show

for our sparkling audience

to conjure empathy

for this forgetful delusion

that lights a fire under our tail

to move about, doing this and that

so someone will look our way and say,

“Bravo! Good Job! Your the Best!”

putting two hands together

to summarize the prize


And in those moments

dare we fail to recall

the ticket to the big show

can often be so small

like a whisper in a tempest

or a bee in a battle

a twinkle in a lover’s eye

in a fireworks extravaganza!


So tune your ears

and adjust your eyes

because a nugget of truth

often hides behind

shimmering lies


Don’t you see?

You’re already esteemed

by those fiery lights beyond

for being true to the super You

and learning right from wrong

but instead of a makeshift mini idol

and phony fading smiles

you’ve got the nearest and dearest

with whom to walk

and share the sacred miles

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