Episode 5: Interview with Floyd Skloot


Inter­view with Floyd Skloot, author of sev­en­teen books, includ­ing works of poetry, fic­tion and non-fiction. Some of his novels include Cream of Kohlrabiand Patient 002His poetry collections include, Approximately Paradise, The Snows Music and The End of Dreams which was a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize.

Skloot is a three time win­ner of the Push­cart Prize, and has also been hon­ored with a Pen USA Lit­er­ary Award, two Pacific NW Book Awards, an Inde­pen­dent Pub­lish­ers Book Award, and two Ore­gon Book Awards.

The Har­vard Review calls Skloot, “a poet of sin­gu­lar skill and sub­tle intel­li­gence” and The Wash­ing­ton Post calls him, “a trib­ute to the cre­ative spirit.” Poets and Writ­ers Mag­a­zine recently named him “one of fifty of the most inspir­ing authors in the world.”


For more information on our guest please visit: http://www.floydskloot.com/


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