Tif on Faith by Phyllis Barber


The following Tif on Faith was featured in our Fall/Winter 2019 issue.

While a “tiff” is defined as a “petty argument”, a “Tif” is anything but petty–it is a short exploration of a deeply meaningful subject.

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Metaphysics of Faith

Biblical scripture describes faith as the substance of things not seen—one of the best definitions. Faith means believing in something that hasn’t happened yet, walking toward a light when you can’t see what’s behind it, expecting in something that might be beyond hope or speech.

Faith means believing, in a general way, something will happen. Specifics are troublesome, but if I have faith, I do my work with exceptional dedication, get out of my own way, and let things happen as they will. Faith is not dictation. It implies trust in the outcome—that it will be something useful, even wise, in the long run. That there will be twists and turns bigger than the self.

Faith is a belief in something shaped in dreams, something out of the ordinary, and unexpected. Faith is something yet to be.

Phyllis BarberPHYLLIS BARBER has published eight books, including the prize-winning memoir, HOW I GOT CULTURED. A ninth book, a historical novel titled THE DESERT BETWEEN US, was released by the University of Nevada Press in April 2020. Barber has been inducted into the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame, has received many awards for her fiction, memoirs, and essays, and has an affection for long-necked animals.

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