Episode 23: Interview with Melissa Studdard and Donna Baier-Stein


Guest host R Jeffreys, of The Write Step, interviews Tiferet editor and blogtalk host Melissa Studdard and Tiferet publisher and producer Donna Baier Stein. Donna Baier Stein explains why she founded the magazine and where she first heard the word Tiferet and came up with the name for the journal. Melissa Studdard tells how she prepares for interviews. They also discuss the forthcoming Tiferet Talk book, a collection of the first year of Tiferet Talk interviews.

The book, introduced by Donna Baier Stein, is scheduled for release in Winter 2012 and will contain interviews Studdard conducted with the following brilliant and eclectic bunch of writers: Robert Pinsky,Floyd Skloot, Lois P. Jones, Julia Cameron, Marc Allen, Edward Hirsch, Bernie Siegel, Arielle Ford, Jude Rittenhouse, Jeffrey Davis, Robin Rice, and Anthony Lawlor.

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