Episode 21: Interview with Rasoul Shams


Rasoul Shams is a translator of Rumi: The Art of Loving.We’re delighted to announce, as well, that Rasoul will be reading  from the poetry in both English and Persian.

Rasoul first learned of Rumi’s poems in his Persian classes as a young boy growing up in Iran, and now the works of Rumi and other Persian poets have been his spiritual companions for over three decades. Having lived and studied in Iran, India, Japan and the USA, Rasoul’s life and education are rooted in a multi-cultural, multi-language matrix.

Rasoul founded the Rumi Poetry Club in 2007 (on the 800th anniversary of Rumi’s birth). Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the club celebrates the poetry of East and West through its monthly meetings, annual gatherings, website, and publications.

For more information on our guest please visit: http://www.rumipoetryclub.com/

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