Episode 15: Interview with J.P. Dancing Bear


J.P. Dancing Bear is the author of three full length collections of poetry, as well as several chapbooks. His fourth collection, Family of Marsupial Centaursis due out later this year.

He is the editor of American Poetry Journal, owner of Dream Horse Press, and publisher of the Orphic Prize, the APJ Book Prize Series, and the first animal rights poetry anthology, And We the Creatures He is also the host of Out of Our Minds, a weekly radio show for public radio station KKUP.

Natasha Sajé says of Bear, “Using myth, politics, nature, and art, J. P. Dancing Bear asks questions that can only be answered through poetry. These accomplished and various poems feature sure-handed lines and vivid images. J. P Dancing Bear has an ear for ‘aspens turing into an imitation of fire’ and ‘bullfrog stars hunger[ing] for crickets.'”

For more information on our guest please visit: www.jpdancingbear.com

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