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Gayle Brandeis: Host
Donna Baier Stein: Executive Producer & Founding Publisher
RJ Jeffreys: Senior Producer
Udo Hintze: Associate Producer

Tiferet Talk

Past Episodes

Episode 64: Khadijah Queen

Please join us as our Tiferet Talk Interviews host Gayle Brandeis, are most honored and pleased to have award winning poet, writer, editor and...
William Kenower Interview

Episode 63: William Kenower

Please join Tiferet Journal, and Tiferet Talk Interviews host Gayle Brandeis are honored  to interview author, editor, speaker and radio host, William Kenower. Bill Kenower is...
Juan Felipe Herrera

Episode 62: Juan Felipe Herrera

Juan Felipe Herrera is the current U.S. Poet Laureate and author of 28 books of poetry, YA novels, and collections for children.
Hilma Wolitzer

Episode 61: Hilma Wolitzer

Hilma Wolitzer is an award-winning American novelist.

Episode 60: Molly Peacock

Welcome back to Tiferet Talk! We start off the new year with our new host Gayle Brandeis. Join us  as we speak with poet...

Episode 59: Jacqueline Sheehan

Please join Donna Baier Stein and Tiferet Journal for a conversation with author Jacqueline Sheehan,  Jacqueline Sheehan, Ph.D., is a New York Times Bestselling...

Episode 58: Ronna Wineberg

Please Join Donna Baier Stein and Tiferet Journal for an interview with Ronna Wineberg. Ronna Wineberg is the author of On Bittersweet Place, her first...

Episode 57: Dani Antman

Please join Donna Baier Stein and Tiferet Journal  for a conversation with Dani Antman. Dani Antman is a master energy healer with over 25 years...

Episode 56: Betsy Woodman

Please join Donna Baier Stein and Tiferet Journal  for a conversation with Betsy Woodman. Betsy Woodman is the author of Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes,...
Robert Carnevale

Episode 55: Robert Carnevale

Please join Donna Baier-Stein and Tiferet Journal for a conversation with Robert Carnevale. Robert Carnevale was born in Italy and grew up in Paterson,...

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