Trust and transformation


As long as we are enmeshed in the identities of the past, we can accumulate reasons to trust or keep our reasons for not trusting — it doesn’t matter, because we will still be impaled on the horns of those polarities.

There is just no resolution of the issue at that level, regardless of how often we are validated by other people or by a psychological or spiritual teaching.

There is that of us in our depth which is pure and joyful by its very nature, completely untouched by the traumas and insults of the past. It is covered-over by our identity with the past, and by its continual recycling in the present by our attempts to protect ourselves from further pain.

The only resolution to its issues is “seeing-through” the trance of our accustomed identity. The real spiritual teaching is that which brings us to the portal of that shift. Anything else may be interesting to the mind and inspiring to the emotions, but if it does not uproot our felt-sense of “myself,” real transformation is not possible.

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