Turn Left at the Next Intersection


“Turn left at the next intersection”.  What?  Why is the GPS taking me that way? That’s not how I arrived here and I’m pretty sure that’s the wrong direction.  Billions of dollars and years of satellite precision mapping beamed to my dashboard and I’m saying it’s wrong.  Of course, I know I’m right.

On the way in, the GPS flawlessly guided me into the far reaches of the Everglades via crowded interstates and around road construction. For the route home, it’s telling me to turn left in the middle of nowhere.

The road appears to head further away from civilization. I don’t have a printed map handy so I can see the big picture. Before I follow, I want to know where this little gadget is taking me! It’s not led me astray yet, but  I still feel more comfortable if I can see the big picture.

What the hell……I took the left turn and headed down a rural two lane road that lead me through more of the Everglades. The speed limit was only 55mph and very little traffic made it a scenic, relaxing drive. Why didn’t we use this road earlier, this is nice! At the next intersection, I don’t question as it directed me to another, scenic, unfamiliar road. Eventually the GPS led me back to the crowded, fast paced freeways and I knew exactly where to go.

Daily in my prayers and meditation, I’ll ask for direction or clarity. Often I get it and of course, like my response to the GPS unit, I’m prone to say “that’s not the right way to go”. Again, I’m pitting my own experience against thousands of years and millions of people before me. I must like impossible odds.

Just like the GPS, often the guidance takes me where I don’t think it should but in the end it is just what I needed. Over the years, I can say it’s always been right; when I followed it that it is. There are plenty of times I do know exactly what to do or where to go. It’s those times I ask for an answer and then ignore the answer is when I end up lost. Just because I can’t see the big picture, doesn’t mean the answer is wrong.

Maybe that’s the lesson after all; I should follow the guidance that’s given, even if I don’t see how it will get me where I need to be.

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