What We Talk About When We Talk About Meditation


I talk about a lot of things with my friend Roxanne.  I was friends with her before she became a doctor and I’m friends with her still.  She listens more than she talks.

A couple of weeks ago we sat together in the hospital room of a very sick friend.  She was mostly there to support me.  Our friend was sick, really sick, and I was nervous about seeing him.  We talked, the three of us, about the things we cannot control and how the simplest things might be overwhelming and insurmountable.

Roxanne said the only thing to do was to breathe.  She said: I say the serenity prayer all the time.  All the time.  And it helps.  She said:  Lori writes a blog on meditation.

I do.  I told them that even though the blog is about meditation, I write about a lot of things because meditation is about everything.

Roxanne asked me what I meant by that and I really couldn’t answer.  I do know that meditation, like breathing, makes everything else possible.  It connects my breath with my life with my goals with my passions with my anxieties.

We sat there for a long while, the three of us, breathing.