What’s in Store for Us?


What is the story that will unfold for 2011?  Are we living an authentic life, full of healing for our pasts and futures? Surely it is starting with uncertainty where the unexpected is swiftly becoming commonplace. The spiritual energies available to us are expanding from a small shimmering pond into a vast undulating ocean. We can choose to move with the expanding flow allowing it to lift us up, carrying us toward new levels of conscious awakening.

As we move along on life’s path we search for our rhythm. Patience and observation of what is occurring in life at this moment are key to our tempo. We need to be adaptive to our everyday circumstances because we don’t sing the same song everyday of our life. When we feel the rhythm of the moment we easily find ourselves flowing with the melodic beat. Then we may contribute our own unique variations to the concert.

I believe we must let go of time, it is the friend of the ego mind. When we are excessively concerned with time it builds stress and resistance within. Stress to achieve is unnecessary on our path to awakening. Let us make small achievable goals and be content with small successful steps of empowering movement forward. Let them build from small personal triumphs, becoming something greater, always allowing it to flow with the natural rhythm within.

The moment is always ripe to focus on peace within in our hearts and minds. Stillness can bring us to that clear vision so we may keep looking forward to the horizon. That way when opportunity presents itself we are able to contribute positive passion and talent to every situation.

Let us be tenacious in our core disciplines and practices. In no time, they become our way of living and being, giving of ourselves and receiving gifts of movement forward, ever expanding our boundaries of compassion and love. Dip our cups of consciousness into the expanding ocean of energy.

Are we living an authentic life, full of healing for our pasts and futures?

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