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I grew up with a Jewish dad and a Christian mom and have always straddled at least two worlds. I grew up wondering why my paternal and maternal grandparents were so angry when my parents decided to marry… and why my paternal grandfather refused to eat off my mother’s kosher dishes after she converted to Judaism. Because of his rigidity, she gave up on being a Jew and returned to church, where I was raised.

Today, that microcosm of rigidity and prejudice continues to play out on a much larger scale. Wars are fought in the name of God, as they so often have been. And yet, eight major religions in the world share a belief in the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would do unto yourselves.

Today more than ever, we need tolerance. Today more than ever, we need to create peace in ourselves as individuals in order for the larger world to be at peace. And today more than ever, we must shine light on the dark places inside each of us.

In my own life, I have found writing to be my best creative outlet. It has been fun, difficult, rewarding, challenging, therapeutic, uplifting. I think that writing offers each of us a chance to look deep inside ourselves, to recognize our rigid places so that we don’t project them onto “the other” as enemy.

I also believe that most wars are started by individual leaders, not most people. I believe that people of all different faiths want to live on a planet of peace today. I believe that our shared writings can help foster that peace… and educate us in untold ways.

I truly hope you will join the TIFERET global writing community. I look forward to welcoming you into this wide and wonderful group of writers and peacemakers.



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