A Meditation on the Politics of ‘Privacy’


The politics of privacy is getting interesting.

We progressives want complete transparency and public disclosure. But don’t mess with our privacy.

Being good students of Marx, we disdain private property and private enterprise, but we want private iPhone and email accounts, not to mention instant online shopping and banking.

We encourage the government to confiscate and redistribute private wealth – taxation – so that we have all the access we need to other people’s money. Yet the government who gives us the money isn’t supposed to know anything about us.

We claim a right to public healthcare, public transportation, public schools, public parks and public safety from crazy people with assault weapons. Yet we also claim a right to privacy. Would this be a public right to privacy, or a private right to public goods and services?

The only solution to this conundrum is more consciousness. The All-Knowing dwells in every nook and cranny of the earth. The All-Seeing pervades the sky, unto the farthest galaxy. One proton contains the information of the cosmos. Consciousness fills every point in space, and you are That. “Tat Tvam Asi.” Where is the privacy?

In all of creation, only a handful of human beings – elite hipsters with full bellies, comfortable beds, iPhones, credit cards and online bank accounts – whine about their “privacy.”


Art by Daniel Holeman,  http://www.awakenvisions.com/

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