Best Way to Give Thanks is to Use It


Wow, that’s cool! I can’t wait to use it. My friend gave me a pole saw to use and I began using it right away. I used it so much that when he returned, he did a double take. The thick, junglesque palm trees were a lot more civilized. You could actually see the house and my fence was very relieved not having the trees constantly pushing against it.

I thoroughly cleaned the saw, put oil in it, and graciously said thank you several times. He could tell I was appreciative. The next year he just brought the saw over. “I know you’ll get good use out of it” he said. I didn’t even ask this time…..

Hmmm….all I did was gratefully use the tool, took care of it and he gave it to me again without even asking. I think I can learn something here about gratitude. Have you ever felt that sometimes the phrase “thank you” just isn’t enough? I know often I wish I could show my appreciation better. Remembering this story reminded me of just how that might work. How about when I’m given something I actually use it to its full potential?

That’s easy with a pole saw, but what about the harder things like the gifts I’ve been given as a person? I give thanks in prayer, but do I show my thanks? Have I taken what I’ve been blessed with and thoroughly used it?

I’m going to continue to give thanks every day because it’s a good reminder. However, I will make extra effort to show my gratitude by using everything I have to its fullest.

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