Clear Your Chakras – Avoid Pitfalls and Pit stops!


Warning: The statement I’m about to make is a generalization.

I like to think of chakras as the energy centers that metabolize life, moment by moment, experience by experience, interaction by interaction. They’re informed by larger energy constructs such as the aura or electromagnetic field, the energy of the Earth and the Cosmos, by other people’s energy, and by our beliefs, among other things.

So if the chakras generate the energy to engage in life’s moments, it’s likely that clearing the chakras allows metabolization through a clearer, individuated lens.

Here’s a scalable clearing practice for the chakras – the ‘now’ metabolizers. The practice scales to the time you can apply to it. It also scales and expands into deeper explorations of who you are, what you believe, how you choose and create your life and experiences.

I’ll offer an illustration of each skill over the next four weeks, and a story about the skill applied, so you have a way of thinking about the tool and its efficacy. And then you can practice, practice, practice.

Chakra Clearing Practice

  • Ground – get in your body, get connected to your life HERE AND NOW, avoid the pitfall of experiencing life through the lens of some other time, experience or sense of who you are
  • Clear Emotional Energy – update your emotional energy so that you’re not so triggered by whatever took place in the THERE AND THEN
  • Clear Cords – decrease the energy of others in your chakras and reclaim your dispersed energy from others from THERE AND THEN so that your choices are real, based on your most current awareness of you in the HERE AND NOW
  • Run Energy – accessing and running Earth and Cosmic energy to replenish and update your energy body
  • Ground Redux – get connected to your life HERE AND NOW; because you’re different now that you’ve cleared energy

This Week’s Skill:


Image 1 – focus on the 1st chakra, between the ovaries (F) or at the base of spine (M)

Image 2 – create a green ball of energy in the 1st chakra and allow the ball to drop…

Image 3 – …forming a cord of green energy that extends to the center of the Earth

Image 4 – create little strings of energy initiating from the sciatic nerve in the lower back, down into the grounding cord, anchoring the nervous system

Image 5 – females will enjoy anchoring the female reproductive system with tiny strings of energy from the uterus and ovaries into the grounding cord, minimizing the need for perfection and the overwhelming impulse to fix everything, I tell you, everything!

This Week’s Story – I’ve stopped flushing my life away…

Suzy is a client and student at EHI. Her initial visits to me were because of a variety of debilitating physiological symptoms, many of which kept her locked in the bathroom prior to leaving home to be in her day and life. You might think of it as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, except it seemed tied to leaving her home to participate in her life. That’s not exactly IBS, it’s just not that picky!

After viewing her energy and listening to Suzy’s story, I explained the importance of grounding. Trust me, she wasn’t! One of the ways she got connected to whatever was about to happen in her day was through the inevitable pit-stop in the bathroom. You see, there’s more than one way to ground…

Now CK agrees, a pit-stop is definitely one way to figure out you’re going to the grocery store, but I believe there are other more pleasant ways, doncha know?

Suzy had a few resistant weeks where grounding was low priority and frustration was the norm. Time was lost, false starts would be made to leave the house and enter her day. The local grocery store was getting rich on an overwhelming run on papier de toilette.

And then, it clicked. Suzy began to ground in earnest. And her systemic issue with her digestive tract eased completely.

Yeah, from grounding. Who knew?

And who knows what will happen for you as you ground your way into your day? And by the way, no need to be stingy…you can ground over and over and over again in a day. The moment of NOW is achieved each time you ground, so if you find you’re in the THERE AND THEN, reset your energy with a new grounding cord.

Have a great, grounded week. Welcome to the moment of NOW!

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