The core of pure potential at the center of your heart


As I work with clients, I understand what it means to put yourself fully into service; how working with others, on their stories, calls the best out of us… out of me.

I understand, also, what my elementary school principal meant when she said I was “not living up to” my potential. I understand this because I am coming closer to living up to it now. 

Not living up to my potential means, for me: shrinking from edges – in life, in myself, in my capacity (and by capacity, I mean: my ability to widen and deepen.) It has also meant using my past ‘failures’ as excuses to not do my best in the present.

Oh well, I used to say, I guess I am not the kind of person who does her best.

This year, My clients have shown me: we can change the kind of person we are. They showed this through their engaged enthusiasm, courageous edge crossing and the discovery of their own constant connection with themselves and with grace.

You are constantly connected with grace.

You know that, right?

You can change the kind of person you are.

You know that, too, don’t you? Nothing is written in stone; nothing so deeply woven in that the fabric can’t be pulled apart and rebraided.

You can reconfigure the architecture of self out of which you approach your work, your health, your sense of purpose. You can rebuild what you thought was broken. (It’s not broken.) You can re-encounter the people you thought were lost to you. (They’re not. Even if they are no longer alive.)

You can begin this process from where you are – no matter where you are.

Recalibration isn’t difficult. It only takes awareness of the places where you are not aligned, not resonating with the core of light that is, at the essential level, ‘really’ you.

This core of light is in everyone. No matter what has happened in the past. No matter what you have done – or not done.

This core of light isn’t difficult to find; though it may take some training to discern the particular feel of it; to learn your particular way of sensing it. After that, all it takes is practice.

You can experiment with this.

  • listen for it (the core of light has a sound, a vibration that some people can ‘hear’ with a kind of inner listening),
  • feel for it (the core of light has a vibration can be felt and sensed in the body – every cell in your body is vibrating toward resonance with this light, all of the time.)
  • look for it (sometimes, things just glow.)
  • align with it (adjusting thought, intention and action until it feels ‘right’.)

This kind of alignment will require you:

  • To trust your own senses, your own impressions.
  • To be willing to stop, sniff the air, feel into a situation.
  • To become, more and more… physical, even as you expand and open to divine light.

It requires you to discern and then, to set some intentions.

These are mine, for the beginning of 2012:

  • To align my life with people who inspire me.  Collaborate with resonance and support it.
  • To discern and defragment my life. To do this, I will withdraw my energy from projects which will never be finished; give them a proper burial, grieve them, if grief comes and let them go. Fully.
  • To reassign the energy I’ve been investing in the past and in unfinished projects into the present.
  • To give my full attention only to that which truly resonates; to animate this and love it into full expression.

Now let’s hear from you. Out of the core of of light at the center of your heart, what intentions can you set to pull you into resonant alignment with who you really are – with your full potential?

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