Excerpt from The Wall by Paul Genega


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There’s the remnant of a wall in the woods
I like to walk when the curtain of sleep rises early

Stones long ago toppled from places they fit tightly
Lay scattered in dimness daubed with lichen and moss

Some lean over like inebriated choristers
Others lay flat, staring back at the unblinking moon

There’s no hint of what was walled in or walled out

No scar patch of pasture where vine and nettle thrive
No telling shards of cow horn or sheep jaw

The wall stands roughly three feet high
Though its height seems less important
Than the breath of its arc –

Glacial rubble stretching out on umber
Silvered at sunrise by spider webs and dew

Paul GenegaPAUL GENEGA’S sixth collection of poetry, Sculling on the Lethe, was published by Salmon Poetry in 2018. Over a long career, his work has received numerous awards, including an individual fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. His poetry has also been included in the play Ophelia Comes to Brooklyn and in the multimedia performance piece Paging Doctor Faustus which he is creating with composer/filmmaker Patricia Lee Stotter.

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