Excerpt from Walking on Water by Mark Jarman


The poem, ‘Walking on Water’ by Mark Jarman, appears in our Summer 2015 digital issue. The full issue can be purchased here.

Matthew 14

     Always the same message out of Matthew.
The water Jesus walks on is life’s turbulence.
     He calms our trouble and lifts us up again.

To walk on water? That’s what’s puzzling –
     that feat of anti-matter, defeat of physics,
those beautiful unshod feet of cosmic truth

     for whom the whole performance is child’s play.
And unless one becomes as a little child
     the kingdom’s inaccessible by any route.

Mark JarmanMARK JARMAN’S most recent collection of poetry is Bone Fires: New and Selected Poems. He is Centennial Professor of English at Vanderbilt University. He recently completed his term as elector for the American Poets’ Corner of St. John the Divine in New York City.


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