Hanging Out, Hanging In, Hanging On To Your Story. A Strategy for Letting Go


Did you know CK has a classroom?  It’s true.  It’s a spacious place in Boston – top floor, skylight, open concept – and some great learning happens there.  I have the privilege of being the Teach at the front of the room.  Yet it’s often CK who gets big learnings from the students who gather to study consciousness and practice energy healing.

One of the skills taught is used to release emotional energy that activates and creates our ‘go to’ responses to life’s experiences.  Like anxiety.  Fear.   Resentment.  Jealousy.  Invalidation.  Anger.  You know, the responses to the stuff we all carry in our personal U-Haul trucks.  Childhood behaviors mostly.  Strategies for dealing in whatever environment we called home.

CK had a teensy problem with, er, rage.  In her 20’s, one of her dear friends told her that it would be useful to get perspective on whether every situation required a full-blown verbal assault in take-no-prisoner stance.  Seriously?  I had a context problem?  Yeah.  That and a few other things.  I suppose I ‘killed off’ a lot of people in my early days.  Apologies and gratitude to them for their ability to survive me!

When I learned to clear energy (in 1991, you think these grays aren’t well-earned?), I went to work on the rage immediately.  I knew it was costing me, and I knew the price was high.

In 1995, I began to think I was making a dent in the rage thing.  I finally realized that some issues were simply not worth being enraged and huffy about.  In fact, most of them!  So I wasn’t.  I let go of a lot of stuff.  I found myself moving into a broader, more expansive life.  Cool stuff.

By 1997, I was well and truly on the other side of the rage thing.  I felt proud, clear and evolved.  And I was.  Truly.

Flash forward to 2008 and EHI (Energy Healing Institute) is born.  I begin teaching energy work in earnest; gone were the workshops, now I was TRAINING people.  I developed manuals, found the classroom space, developed the EHI voice for the materials, engaged my guru for my web presence, illustrations, etc.

And I taught Clearing Emotional Energy.  The skill I offer for releasing energetic patterns like rage, anger, depression, anxiety, invalidation.  The students – ate it up like candy.  They felt the release in their bodies, found peace and ease in their hearts, found new ways of responding instead of allowing triggers to rule and mandate action.

In weeks.  Weeks!  Floored me.  Thrilled me!  Taught me.

The lesson I learned?  Attachment is a big deal.  The more attached you are to the problem you’re trying to solve, the longer it sticks around.  Get it?  Sticky?  Attachment?

So when you Clear Emotional Energy, clear your attachment, too.

And the other thing I learned?  I was well and truly pissed.  And I couldn’t let it all go until I got myself fully related to the emotions I was holding, because therein lay the attachment.  It took some therapy, some meditating, some writing, lots of crying, and a few years of clearing.  Today?  I get angry sometimes, I even get hoppin’ mad.  I don’t get enraged, and I don’t kill people off.  I am not enrolled in that energy and therefore it isn’t alive in me.  Blessed be!

So, here’s the skill for Clearing Emotional Energy for your little emotional bugaboo:

Clearing Emotional Energy – see desc. at right

The bamboo pole is imagined into place from the crown chakra to the ground, where it accesses your grounding cord.

Identify the pattern, behavior, emotion you’d like to release from the chakras, and with your intention and attention, direct the energy of the emotion into the bamboo pole.

Use golden energy entering through the crown and spreading down through the body, into the grounding cord to release the energy, the bamboo pole and to refresh your energy field.

If you’ve followed the last couple of blog posts, you’ll know we have a chakra clearing practice emerging here.

You’ve got your Grounding.

You’ve got Clearing Cords.

Now you’ve got Clearing Emotional Energy.

If you go back to Anxiety, Stop the Madness, Part 2, you’ll see there’s also a way to drain off energy from a chakra.

So practice away.  And have patience with yourself.

Remember that your attachment is a key to how quickly you shift patterns and consciousness.  Breathe in and lean in to the work of letting go.  It’s amazing, affirming and one heck of a challenge…until you surrender your attachment.

And laugh out loud, knowing that what I thought took years, my students confirm takes weeks!  I guess we really do teach what we most need to learn!  Sigh.

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